Fucking House Boys
Out on the veranda, Bank, the boss, oversees his house boy, Mon, sweep, in his jock strap. Pleased with his work, the man decides to thank the boy; he tells him to come inside. Sweeping now by the bed, Bank watches carefully while he lies down and strokes himself. Wanting a little more "bang for his buck," Bank then tells the "Fucking House Boy" to lie on the bed with him. This Boykakke.com presentation has two Asian twinks who believe "hard work" can really pay off. Licking on the boss, Mon, the "assistant," sucks up and down the top's shaft while massaging the man's nipple; seems like this boy likes to multi-task. Wanting to jerk a while, the boss then tells Mon to concentrate only on his nipples; happily the bottom complies. Doing a good job, Bank then responds with a massage; Bank rubs Mon's dick, aggressively. All clothes come off; not only are these two hotties, both come "well equipped." Bending over his partner, Bank sucks the bottom's dick and balls; Mon moans with delight at the oral demonstration. Ready for more than just a suck, the boss lubes up Mon's hole and fingers him; first one, then two fingers penetrate. As Bank slides in, he gives little hesitation, going in deep and fast; Mon's dick swells quickly. Positioning the assistant's body for maximum penetration, Banki is aggressive and rhythmic in his moves. Mon gasps and holds on to Bank as they both feel the pleasure, profoundly. When the camera pans to the backside, we can adore Mon's sweet hole as it is being explored, from within. Bank then angles the boy's ass up and head down, to pound. Mon begins to bite his lip and wiggle as the boss continues to thrust upward. As the boy moans and whimpers, his dick wags in delight. While still inside, Bank rotates his partner to doggy style and grabs Mon's hips, firmly. Bank drives into his assistant, showing his "hard work." Looking back at Bank, Mon then puts his head down into the pillows, to allow more leverage. The camera goes to the back for a double-ass view of this pairing, sweet. Both are satisfied and relish the sensation. They then move to the edge of the bed to continue their "endeavors." From above, the ebb and flow of these two is so hot; an aggressive boss and an assistant who will take whatever position is required of him, happily. Once in the missionary position, Bank grabs the ankles of Mon to spread him further. It does not take much more before the boss pulls out to pay his boy; a massive load streams from the top's dick onto the "Boykakke;" services rendered.

Cum Punks
Sommad Chomchop goes to a tourist destination in order to find something to enjoy. After he leaves, empty handed, he is driving and finds Kovit Anucha, on the road heading home. In this "Cum Punks," Sommad picks up Kovit and takes him for a ride, Boykakke style. Both in the back seat, Sommad wastes no time in rubbing on Kovit; he kisses, caresses and devours Kovit's dick. At home, the boys continue their fun; Sommad has definitely found his "something" to enjoy. They undress and taste one another. Sommad cannot get enough of Kovit's dick and sucks it eagerly. Kovit loves the attention his cock is getting; he returns the flavor by relishing Sommad's dick with his mouth. As the camera zooms close, a side view confirms Kovit taking all of Sommad in. Kovit then works on Sommad's hairy hole, eating it with wild abandon. Kovit then has Sommad up on all fours while he fingers; using first one, then two digits. Widening Sommad's hole, Kovit is ready to enter, fully. Lying atop Sommad, Kovit rides and thrusts; Kovit loves the action as Sommad groans and maneuvers to get the most into his ass. Rolling over to his back, Sommad waits for his treasure; Kovit masturbates until luscious streams of white liquid shoot out. Kovit then smears the fresh load around Sommad's mouth.


Bukkake Butt Camp
Boy, nothing like fresh air and twinks. These two really want to have fun outdoors and can't wait to see each others playground equipment. Remember, when in the woods, always travel in pairs, unless a third twink come along; Boykakke is the place to play, with wood. Masumi and Salim begin with some oral gratification as Masumi is blown; 'yeah' he moans. Masumi has been hard since he pulled down his pants; I guess he knows how good Salim can suck. From behind, the third twink, Yai, comes up to lend a mouth. Yai and Masumi now sandwich Salim and take care of his needs; all boys need their special time, when everyone else is focused on them. Yai then bends down to suck Masumi, who is still kissing and caressing Salim. As Salim jerks himself, Masumi continues with more caressing. Yai is hard at work on Masumi, using both his hand and sucking his balls. Yai then goes to work on Salim again; his dick is nice and hard. The camera pans to profile all of these lovely twinks: Salim's hard dick, Yai sucking and Masumi guiding Yai's head onto Salim. Salim and Masumi stroke themselves as Yai, kneeling, waits patiently for the prize. Salim is the first to the finish line, releasing long white strings of jizz; it drips down Yai's cheek onto his pants and the ground in front of him. Masumi is next; he pumps his dick hard and thrusts his hips in readiness. When he does cum, vast amounts squirt from his dick, showering Yai's face and watering the ground, Boykakke style.


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